Thursday, September 12, 2013

Flame Is Her Name


    I am led to share with you a story about my two new baby lambs. I pray the Holy Spirit guides you in all understanding. In Jesus name. Amen.

I have written before of my two sheep Abe and Zeb. It was placed on my heart to get these two sheep last year. My husband and I wanted to add two ewes next Spring but God had a different plan.

When we let God lead us and we are obedient to HIS calling all things come together in perfect harmony. Amen?!!?

Here goes. Last week I was led to look up something up on Craig's list. I wasn't sure why but the list went to another entry. I saw an ad for lambs. The ad I read said two lambs. 

So, I opened the ad and got the contact information and contacted the person. They responded with, " I am helping out a friend you need to contact Johnnie" So, I did.

I told Johnnie I was interested in his two lambs though we were going to wait I would be more than happy to have them now. Johnnie wrote back and said, " I am not sure where you got two from but there were thirty - one babies born this Spring. I have more than two lambs." 

I passed the two lambs off as being MY mistake. But it wasn't a mistake. God showed me in the end it was NOT a mistake. 

Johnnie sent an email of himself holding four little lambs. They were the cutest BUT one caught my eye. She had a white spot on her forehead. I also noticed something about Johnnie he had a light about him. 

I emailed Johnnie and told him I first wanted to tell him I saw him to be a man of God. I then said I would like the lamb with the white spot on the forehead IF it is a girl. 

I heard back from Johnnie and will cut and paste part of the email from him about this little girl. BUT before I do that I need to go on. Johnnie responded back to me and was delighted that I would mention God when so many are ashamed or embarrassed to. Then he told me that the little black lamb with the white spot was a girl and her name was FLAME. 

Right there I knew God was going to show me something. I wrote Johnnie back and told him the story of my being shaken out of sound sleep to the words, "YOU WILL BE A KEEPER OF THE FLAME" Now I know this lamb FLAME was not who God meant but now I will add  part of Johnnies email.

"I am in wondrous awe right now, crying and not quite with it.

You re a very special person.
I love Flame very much. She is a piece of me.
I breathed a bit of my spirit into her when I brought her back to life and asked the Lord to take whatever He needed from me – whatever – all of me if needed - so that she might live.
And she did. We were both blessed.
I am not sure how I will be able to do this. I think it is the right thing that He has brought you to take care of her and that she will be better off.
With all my animals I can only give her so much special attention, which I try to do all day. She is tough and will be fine but she needs love.
She is small and sheep do bully others, especially the small and frail.
When it gets colder I am afraid of what might happen. I had thought of bringing her home. If this doesn’t happen I still might do that.
I have four rescued greyhounds at home but they are gentle creatures and I have introduced them to her already. They seem to do alright.
We will talk later."
Now I will add the first part of another of Johnnies emails. Both were stillborn and abandoned by their moms .

I brought them to life myself - removed the sac, sucked out all that stuff, gave them mouth to mouth while pumping their little hearts.
You have about 45 seconds to perform that particular miracle.
If you ever truly hear the Voice of God at 2:00 AM on an April morning it is that first 'WAAAAA!!' from a 2 1/2 pound baby that never was to be.
I was so very blessed to hear It twice. I still cry with joy when I think, talk, or write about it. Like right now at 4:00 AM.
Oh, well.
Lucky’s name was originally ‘Flame’.
She has a beautiful white flame shaped marking on the top of her head.
She had caught phenomena early on as baby sheep sometimes do which I treated with antibiotics.
She was fine.
Then I got some bad feed (moldy) which clogged up the babies’ lungs.
I lost one baby and Flame was wheezing like crazy. Got some stuff from the vet to give her.
She was fine again.
During the wheezing incident it was hot so I figured I should shear her.
I broke my shears and had to finish the job with scissors. Being a klutz, I cut her. Bandaged her up.
So now I had a tiny black lamb with a bad haircut and bandages wandering around with no mom.
Again, she was fine.
I told Flame’s story to one of the chefs who uses my organic eggs and was visiting the farm.
He said, “Flame? You mean ‘Lucky’ here?”
She has been ‘Lucky’ ever since.
I don't know what the right thing is for them. They are very independent in that they do not 'hang out' with a mom but they do play with the others.
They will always be tiny and will need loving and care. I really love them but I am a farmer and I have to be tough about this.
Think about them and let me know.

Folks, Flame and Marshmallow came a day ago. They arrived on land by boat. They are both thriving and Flame ate out of my hand the moment she saw me. I will have pictures on here tomorrow depending on the weather. 

Johnnie is a very special man. He was obedient to Gods will and knew what he needed to do. Johnnie spent the night in the field with the two lambs before they left yesterday morning. He misses them terribly. To breath life into one of God's creatures and to ask God to please do all he could even if it means, "taking me."  This was very difficult for Johnnie. 

Folks you don't find people of God very often. I was truly blessed. I  pray for Johnnie when I am with the lambs. I know the story isn't over. 

In Jesus name with love,

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