Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen"


I would like to share with you the awesome work of our Father who's will is done and who's plan is carried forth no matter what we have to say about it. I believe this is because HE wants none to perish, no not one.

Last night my husband and I went to the gym to work out. We like going later at night when there is just usually one or two people there.

Walking into the gym I saw Matthew sitting at the computer. I have spoken about Matthew in another post. Matthew and I started having "church" if you will. 

Matthew was speaking to me about his illness and the effects it has had on him as he gets older. I then heard a word from the Holy Spirit about little faith and un-forgiveness. I brought these words up to Matthew who smirked and knew what I was relaying to him was from the Holy Spirit. 

You see Matthew has lost faith in God for reasons he cannot even justify but it makes living life easier. He resents God for both a curse on his life which was his illness and the blessing on his life of being completely healed. Though Matthew suffers with side effects from all the radiation the cancer in and of itself is gone. Amen!!

We spoke for quite sometime when I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to tell Matthew, "he needs to get off the fence" Again, Matthew smiled and knew why he was hearing these words. Matthew knows he is comfortable not choosing a side and knows it will cost him if he doesn't soon make a choice. God or mammon? He knows he can't serve both. 

We spoke a little more and then I was led to go on my way. BUT my night at "church" wouldn't end there with Matthew.

 Little did I know that another member of the body of Christ(Christian) would enter the gym. The not odd but God moment was when I was on my cardio machine wanting to end it early so I could  just be on my way and get into prayer. However, this was NOT God's plan for me.

 My husband and I had met Christian a few days prior. We introduced ourselves and when Christian told us his name, I asked if he was also a christian, a brother in Christ? His reply, "yes, I am."

Christian and I started talking about so called religions and the abuse one encounters while being under the brainwashing of the religious babylonian system. Christian was telling me about a church he attended under a false shepherd who goes by the name of Creflo Dollar. My oh my the stories he had about this man and the brainwashed people made my heart ache. Yahushua/Jesus is NOT in that "church." It is an empty building filled with lost souls.

As we continued to hold "church" we could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Christian shared a story with me about his daughter who two years prior had died she was only two. Let me share this story with you now. 

Her name was Gabriella. She was two years old and a big sister to her little brother who was two months old. While on his way home from work Christian received a call from a couple they were all friends and were going to spend the evening together. Christian did not want to go and felt the Holy Spirit speaking to him but he passed it off. He wanted to go out with his wife for the evening and meet up with their friends. 

While his wife was getting ready Christian was sitting on the couch with his daughter and son. Gabriella was putting her toes through her brothers hair. Christian wanted to tell her to stop but instead he realized the baby wasn't crying and seemed to like it. So, he just sat and watched his daughter. 

They  dropped the kids off at his in-laws and went on their way. The next morning while they were making breakfast a call came in and Christian was told to get to the hospital right away. They did not know what happened. They arrived at the hospital before the ambulance and went straight to the ER. They saw their little girl being swept away on a gurney still not knowing what was wrong. Christian started to pray. He asked God not to take his little girl but if she wasn't going to come back to them the way she was then would he please take her. The doctor came out and gave them the terrible news. 

Gabriella had died. She had fallen into the pool and was under the water too long. I looked at Christian and asked him when did you start to forgive? He had himself to forgive for not listening to the Holy Spirit which told him DON'T go out. He had to forgive his in laws. 

Christian said he forgave right away and with his FAITH in God he was able to deal with the loss of his baby girl. I saw true light in this YOUNG mans eyes last night.

When I finally left the gym I realized that the beginning of my night was spent speaking to a follower of Christ who was having difficulty with his faith in Christ. By the end of the night I was speaking to a brother in Christ who's faith in Christ got him through the most horrific time of his life. 

I was blessed to have church with two young men, Both of whom have a strong belief in God, each of whom are in a different period within their faith at this moment; a place we have all been but sometimes forget as we become too caught up in our own current spiritual walk.  We need to take the time to listen to, understand and communicate with our fellow believers without expecting them to be exactly as we are (one body many different members).

I was truly blessed last night. I pray this blesses you as well.
In HIM with love,

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