Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yahushua/Jesus Is ALIVE


My dear friends. As I drive by many Catholic churches I see a manger. I know that manger will soon have a little plastic baby laying on the hay. Folks, Christ is not in a manger laying on hay. HE is ALIVE!!!

In the bible we read of the birth of our Savior and then we hear of it no more. Why is this? Why didn't Christ our redeemer speak of HIS birth? Why didn't HIS disciples celebrate HIS birth? 

When we read the good news we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior. When Yahushua/Jesus was crucified HE rose again from the dead after three days and HE walked among the living and HE spoke with them and ate with them. HE truly is ALIVE. 

Yahushua/Jesus was taken up to heaven and is ALIVE sitting on the right hand of the Father. Yahushua/Jesus died for our sins and HE has reconciled us back to Yah/God because HE loves us. HE came to this world as a servant to SAVE us. HE will come again to JUDGE us.

The world does not talk of HIS death, resurrection and life. They do not talk of HIS soon return. They do not talk of HIS grace that was given to us as a gift. They do not talk to us about the hope of eternal salvation. 

The world only uses Yahushua/Jesus as a business. They use HIS precious name. They use HIS precious birth. But they do NOT tell the good news. They hide that. Why?? So, you keep coming back for more of what you don't really need. Can a priest forgive you your sins? NO! Why? Because they to our sinners. They did NOT die for you and me. Can a church give you the grace needed to have eternal life? NO. The living word shows us that it is our belief and relationship with Yahushua/Jesus that gives us eternal life. We must know HIM. Do you pray to Yah/God in truth and spirit? We must know HIM not know of HIM to do this. 

My dear friends life here on earth is temporal. Do you want your reward here on earth? I know I don't. I am seeking HIS face and the things of heaven that are lasting. Amen!! I ask Father everyday to renew in me my spirit and give me a pure heart and sound mind. I want to love HIM and others as HIS son loved. I want to forgive others the way that my heavenly Father has forgiven me. Amen!

Yahushua/Jesus will be returning and prophecy will be fulfilled. Are you read for HIS return? Are you ready for HIS righteous judgment? I could not get through a day separated from HIM. Please as you walk among this world try not to partake in the lies of the world. Satan is very good at what he does. He will lie to you all the day long. Rebuke him and he will flee. 

Please get rid of the idols in your hearts. They will only destroy you. They are lies given to you by satan. One of those lies is to celebrate the plastic baby lying on the hay. Give to give out of the kindness of your heart not just one day but everyday. Give the gift of life everlasting the good news of Christ resurrection into eternal life. Give hope to the hopeless. Give love to the broken hearted. Forgive those who persecute you and say evil about you. Shine your light in the darkness. Be like Christ.

Love in Yahushua/Jesus to you all...

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