Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Holy Spirit Revealed To Me About Elijah And Jezebel


The Holy Spirit is putting together for me the revelation I have received. The pieces are coming together. 

I heard back a couple nights ago while praying the word/name Jezebel. I didn't understand it that night BUT the next morning it was shown to me who Jezebel was. She is the false spirit that is through out the false churches. Please read Rev 2 as this is where I was taken the next morning.

Then I was reminded of what I heard in the Fall of 2010. "ELIJAH AND THE SEED" Father was not ready to reveal it to me then but is now. The Spirit of Elijah is the Spirit that will come and preach the word of God among the lost. The battles of both spirits happening at the same time. 

Back about 8 years ago I was in the Roman Catholic church I heard, "COME OUT OF HER"  I KNEW it was my Father speaking to me and I left that day. This can be found in Rev. 18:4. I did not know why I was to leave the church then but I knew I was to be obedient to HIS words. 

Also, in the Fall of 2010 I was shaken gently out of sound sleep to these words" YOU WILL BE A KEEPER OF THE FLAME" The same thing happened two days later with the words of Elijah.

Now onto the wilderness. I was told about the wilderness and have written about it recently on the blog. This is confirming why I it is all coming together. Please pray on these words. The wilderness is setting free those in bondage in the religious systems just like the Israelites that kept themselves in bondage never seeing the promised land. 

Folks, it is all coming together. The Anti-Christ will be revealed soon after the falling away. The religious systems are failing the children of Yah/God. They are lying to them. The false prophets are speaking about a doctrine never discussed in the bible which is the rapture. Please look at my last blog written  entry. 

I ask that you SEEK HIM while HE still can be found.
In HIS name with love,

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