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Testimony Of My Dear Sister In Christ Who Passed Away

God of Israel guide me out of that Babylon of Rome,and  stop me like He did with the Apostle Paul.
Gabriella's Testimony... the beginning and  revival of this valley of tears.
For fifty years in the church of Rime I was deprived to read the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I was sleep a deadly sleep on that pillow of Rome sacraments and spiritual darkness.
I can't write English the way I would ,but I will ask the help of the "Paraclete" the Holy spirit.
The beginning of my awakening start on 1989 in a monastery where I was cooking for 38 priests
in  a special retreat ...they use to call me... holy warm spirit " I me Italian" so is not hard to be what I am.
There in that monastery I start see and wondered why those priests was depress and need to be
spiritual lift by another man...  a priest retreat coordinator. After our, in the afternoon, in the living room
the where a table full of whisky and others alcohol goods. I was wondered why those poor men need
to drink that stuff. In the back yard cloister, they used to have  a piece work of art crucifix very voluble
and I was worry why he was expose open to ruff weather..rain and wind and sun. One morning before start working
( was at home) I look at the window in my was raining .. of my...I think about the crucifix in
the cloister and worry about it because the rain.I love art and my ex was a restore antique so I am a little
involve in what you call art. As I was worrying for that crucifix and watching  the rain poring heavy on that
master piece work of art crucifix. A voice loud in my room explode and said !
 "YOU SEE THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ME HELP ME ! " I look every were and see if the were someone
on my back yard,but no one was there.The gate was lock and not one could be there. This is the beginning
of my revival. At the time I was deeply involve with a priest (not sexually) of my parish a new priest awesome
and charismatic. My husband at the time deserted me for better horizons and new life with women of any kind...
women killer Italians style. Back to my journey in Christ ..the real one...I always wondered why that voice and wondered
I am a ! There were  a meaning about that voice.One day walk on the shopping centre down town
I was so depressed I could make a suicidal and my heart was broken thinking about the priest and why this happened
to me..why ? There were a reason why so powerful that shake my all inner bean and I start searching why this happened to me. That day down town ..watching in desperation for an answer I so an old man selling Gospel in the street and beside
all scripture the were a booklet ..."THE CRUSADER BY CHICK PUBLICATION"  MAGAZINE " ALBERTO RIVERA " I brought that magazine and at home I start read.With my surprise was talk about priest who left the priesthood and exposing
the catholic !!!! this was for me a chance of survival from suicidal.I thought all priest were holy and I was the devil to falling in love with the priest,so can you imagine the way I did feel.
Read and read Alberto's Rivera testimony but it was not so convincing so back down town and search in the book shop
the answer if  God talking to me..nothing was there a lot of bibles but I wasn't interested because  the bibles to me
was a book for Americans protestants. On my way out of that book shop on the front door pillet out first special 10 dollars a book written by  Jesuits priest "Peter De Rosa  " who left the priesthood and expose Rome ..this was the most miracle of all...but there is something very powerful coming up. On that day on my way back home,it was I sun set nearly dark and I hear from distance a man play a guitar and I was so curious to see and hear why he was play guitar not in the light of day by a little in the dark.I ask him why he was play and what he was play (I couldn't understand a good English )
he told me that was a Christian Gospel and he told me ! tonight we have got a meeting to the university,I ask him which kind of meeting ? He replay to me we have a Gospel preaching with many Evangelist from all over the world and he ask me to go there the next day, were close to my house, one minute away. The next day I went there..the music was amazing and the people pray loud.. the hall was full of people "PENTECOSTALS" I know now not then. I stood in the middle of thousand people and with out shame I walk in the front for prayers and the pastor pray  loud ON ME.
This was the first awakening of my soul. I continue to meet that peoples for a while and been baptizes in the holy Ghost ?
No.. it wasn't. I discovered that Pentecostal were legalistic and belong to a cult of speaking in tongue and salvation been born again was by speaking in I move to others denomination,but with no answer. In the mean time I start read the Gospel "king James Version " and my English grow as I read the Gospel day by day it was a miracle by God help.
God want me to know were is freedom belong and why that voice speak to me early in the morning before going to work.
It took long time before I give the meaning why that voice of Christ speak to me. That priest come in the picture not far and by my feeling toward him, I search more and more till the spirit of CHRIST lead me where I am now. I study the bible in many  Christians churches with no convinced the journey start with painful cleaning and discernment and
ask in tears where God want me to be. I become an explorers of the Reformed churches and the sixteen century history.
WOW that was that,but here in Australia they haven't got a clue what the real reformed Saint is all all about the Revival of the holy spirit toward those protestants  preachers who brought the Gospel in to the light and fight against Rome and all the bullshit of that prostitute talk about. I use to have many friends in priests area and I cook for Apostolic diplomatic
Nunciature here in Canberra,so you can imagine how far the holy spirit touch my soul and dragged me away from that place of damnation it was a miracle  loud and clear.God is real and his Gospel talk to me with a real voice human voice I hear in my room and in his Gospel. One night in my dreams I dreamed that I was lonely in an empty street and so depress I could die.
( This is hard to explain please be patience) a man from a terrace.. dressed in old Jerusalem time...ask me to go up that terrace and meet someone who like to talk to me,I went up to that terrace and soon I look for that man who call me..I so' Jesus with no face and dressed with a robe of that time. As soon I see him a bow to kiss His feet,but sadly I pick me up and drove me in a dimension of love with out confine...I was drove in the immensity of his love so deep I can't explained.
Son after this Jesus ask me if I would like to have a flight' I said to him yeas I would love it. He took me by His arm and we start flight near the sun, but Jesus told me to closed my eyes because it was so bright. We land up in the meddle of the desert and there were a women whom she was selling ice-cream..chocolate favour.In side of me'...not speaking
I was wonder if I could have one of that ice-cream,but Jesus new my mind and ask me if I want one,I said to him !
I can't I have got money ..but Jesus said is granted to you. I wake up from that dream and life was going as usual.One hot summer of this tropical country I was long for an ice-cream ,but no money..only two dollars in my hand and I decide to by the milk which was more important and not the ice-cream,so I went to grocery shop with my two dollars in may hand and by the milk. On may way inn I hear someone paddled my shoulders and I turn around and I seel  little may be 3 years old boy with pinks cheeks and curly blond hairs who told me ! lady you have lost two dollars take it I don't lost the two dollars the money was in my hand...sadly I remember the dream which Jesus told me the ice cream was granted..that boy was an Angel sand by God to give me the two dollars and by the ice-cream...The ice-cream was granted to me from Jesus.
The voice of that morning now I know I challenge priest with Gospel and my work is for whom I love in that church of veiled
with another Gospel.I have more to testimony,but I can't do at once.I am a walk miracle save by grace and compassion by Goes spirit.
To be continue in Christ my saviour.

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