Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Piece Of My Personal Testimony

Peace to you all,

I would like to share with a little piece of my personal testimony and walk with Yahushua/Jesus. 

When I was six years old I saw heaven. It was not a vision or dream it was real. I was with Yahushua/Jesus and we were speaking to one another and walking around heaven.

I did not know it was heaven then as I was only six and had never read the book of revelation's description nor had anyone described heaven to me.

I remember this moment as clear as it happened to me 43 years ago. The mansions were so beautiful and the colors nothing like I could even speak about to compare here on earth. 

I remember being asked, "Cassie do you want to come home?" Now, I did not know why I answered the way I did back then but I know now why. I said, Father, I cannot come home now to be with you, because I need to take care of my family.

I made the choice to come back to earth. I come from a big family. There as never been a time when I did not help all of the members of my family and parents out in one way or another. The latest being my sister who passed away in my home after my helping her for sometime with her cancer. 

When I say I have helped I have physically, spiritually and emotionally, but as you know I can do nothing on my own. Yahushua/Jesus helped me to help others in my family. It might have been a roof over their head, or money, or a vehicle, or a meal or clothes but there was always something. 

This has gone on for such a long time. I feel at times I have been walking around in the wilderness and I will soon be led elsewhere. 

I was led to share this with you all and I ask for prayers as I am going through a personal trial right now in regards to my "family" of origin and my mother. I am sad to say the least and very disappointed and hurting for my mother. I can't explain what is taking place but I will tell you what I was told today by the Holy Spirit. "HEARTS ARE WAXING COLD AND THERE WILL BE GREAT DIVISION AS NEVER BEFORE" Yes, I heard you loud and clear Holy Spirit. I ask Father please bless me with your grace and mercy and protect me from those who come against me. 

In HIM with love,


Ruth Ackiv said...

I enjoy your blog and have followed it. I would like to invite you to follow my blog:

Gary Johnson said...

Hi Cassie, Happy New Year!! Im sitting in a church reading the bible (Cover to Cover). We started 12:00am NYEve. Take about 3 days!! No sleep yet and we are in Kings...Cool!!