Monday, December 3, 2012

Message of Warning!!!!


    Preaching the word of Yah/God and repentance through the Holy Spirit is now over. Those who have not been saved through repentance of the word or of God's Spirit in the belief and power of HIS saving grace will now only come during the time of wrath.

This means that during the time of wrath those who call upon the name of Yahushua/Jesus will receive repentance. Those who do NOT will receive damnation. This has been spoken to my Spirit and many others.

Please trust in the living Yah/God to deliver you in the time of HIS wrath which is soon to be upon us. Trust in HIS saving grace. Have FAITH in HIM that HE and HE alone will be with you through all times. HE will never leave you nor forsake you. In Yahushua/Jesus name. Amen.

This will be a time of horrific pain physically, emotionaly and mentally. You alone will not endure without HIM. You must call upon Yahushua/Jesus to help you. The bible speaks of what is to come. Yah's/God's word does NOT come back void. HE has spoken it and it will come to pass. 

The Spiritual battle between Yah/God and Satan has begun. We shall soon see the physical manifestations of this battler here on Earth. For those who believe they will be raptured and saved form this battle please prepare to be here. 

In The Mighty Name of Yahushua/Jesus,

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