Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Special Night At The Gym


I was led to tell you of something that happened last night at an all night gym where my husband and I go. 

Peter and I like this gym because we can work out after everyone else has gone home. It is quiet and we listen to our Christian music. Last night there was a younger man than and we started chatting. He was a personal trainer. We shook hands and off I went to my machine.

I played my music did my workout and Peter did his. When we were done we were about to leave when Peter engaged in conversation with this young man Matthew. Peter was asking him questions about training. I stood back and listened. 

Matthew then bought us over to a treadmill I knew there was something about Matthew and continued to seek answers. Aha... I heard it. Don't you just love those aha moments?? 

Matthew has I heard was a cancer survivor. He has leukemia as a child and you could still see the effects or at least I was shown them.

We went back to Matthew's desk and we began to talk and one thing led to another and if you know me it is always going to lead to Christ. Amen?!?!

Well, I was speaking to Matthew what I was led to speak. He would just look at me and smile as if to say, "yes, I hear you." As the conversation continued Matthew said to me, " I WASN'T GOING TO COME TONIGHT, I'M NOT SUPPOSE TO BE HERE" I said, God had other plans. Amen?!!?

Matthew told us about his up-bringing in a church and that his parents were just like Peter and I. He stated, " my parents say they pray for me every night because I left the church and I am going on my own faith"  Ahhh there was the opening for the Holy Spirit.

Well, after telling Matthew the two words I heard and knowing he was a cancer survivor he opened his ears and listened not to what I said but he knew I had a message for him that night. I did not know this leaving my home and he didn't know this leaving his home.

Isn't God awesome?!?! So, I gave him the words that I heard in my Spirit. Another smile and Matthew wanted to hear more. He knew this message was for him. I on the other hand was just to deliver it.  Again, Matthew said, " I WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE HERE TONIGHT I WASN'T GOING TO COME"  Matthew was still a slight bit taken aback. 

Peter and I had been there for an hour speaking with this fine young man when he gave us his number and his parents number. As I was leaving I heard these words to give to Matthew. " YOU WILL BE A SOLDIER FOR CHRIST"  He looked up at me came an hugged Peter and I and knew his life was going to change. He said, " my parents are going to say see we were praying for you and God answered our prayers." Amen.

In HIS name with love,

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