Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Continued The Vine And The Branch


Oh, friends, there is so much importance in knowing the work of the vine/Yahushua and the branches/believers, And  the husbandman, Yah/God. 

Let's pray that we receive complete truth and understanding about this mighty relationship and how it works. Yahushua/Jesus spoke, first of fruit, then more fruit, and then of much fruit. How do we bear much fruit? We can't, at least not alone.

Yahushua/Jesus said, I Am the vine, and my Father is the husbandman. So, we see that the husbandman has charge over both the vine and the branch. The husbandman watches over the connection between the two. So, therefore.... it is in the POWER of Yah/God the husbandman through Yahushua/Jesus that we are to bear fruit.

The branches/believers cannot bear fruit without the nourishment of the Holy Spirit. Yet, they try aimlessly apart from the vine to bear fruit which in turn dies not having the proper connection to the vine Yahushua/Jesus.

There is many different fruit that come from the vine. There is different power that is given to those branches who have a connection with the Holy Spirit. The fruit is not the same, the work is not the same the power of the nourishment is not the same. However, the vine and the branches and the nourishment are all one, and they are overseen by the husbandman.

My friends, there are many believers today that are trying to bear much fruit without the vine. This fruit will die and so will the branches. What did Yahushua/Jesus tell us in the bible about bearing fruit? HE spoke, stay connected to the vine. When we take it upon ourselves to become the vine without the nourishment of the Holy Spirit then we are no longer connected to the power source to produce and support the fruit needed. 

I will say it like this. There are so many branches/believers attracting fellow believers and and babes in Yahushua/Jesus through fear, date setting of a rapture, dreams, visions, and urgent messages "thus saith the lord" Is this the work we were told to do? Is this the work of the branches that will bear much fruit? No, I don't believe so.

We the branches are to receive from the vine and give to the fruit lasting nourishment. We cannot do this until we give up ourselves completely to Yah/God. We cannot bear much fruit until we receive our own nourishment from the Holy Spirit. We cannot survive on our own if we are not connected to the vine. Yet, we continue to try. We continue to weaken more and more the relationship between the vine and branch by trying to grow on our own.

I can't express enough how much this has been placed on my heart to share. How important it is in these latter days to bear much fruit that is lasting. My friends, we are to ABIDE on the vine. Do you ABIDE on the vine?

In Yahushua/Jesus with love,

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