Thursday, August 29, 2013



I will make this brief. In one of my postings I stated that I was to tell all to read the United States Constitution. I was not sure why this was at the time. As the situation in Syria sounds like bible prophecy "wars" and "rumors of wars" we know that if the President of the United States of America acts on his own with out any congressional support than we may be seeing a change coming to this country that many are not or could not be prepared for. 

With that being said. I am also led at this time to tell you what I heard the still small voice speak forth. " Cassie, my daughter, you are to warn the people. Tell them, DO NOT FEAR MAN, PUT YOUR TRUST IN ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER. ALL THINGS ARE IN MY HANDS." 

There you have it. We are to trust only in our Father. Please seek the Holy Spirit and you will receive truth.

In Jesus name with love,


Deirdre said...

AMEN and AMEN!!! Only Trust the FATHER and HE will lead HIS people!

bread said...