Sunday, August 11, 2013

Led By The Holy Spirit


I have mentioned in my postings that you should always seek guidance from the Holy Spirit.  I ask that you also seek truth from the Holy Spirit. I do not profess to be a teacher. I am led to share on this blog what the Holy Spirit speaks forth to me. 

I ask that you test the spirits and see if it is from God or not. I follow no man or their teachings. I have posted on this blog writings from other brothers and sisters in Christ who have been led to share what they have received from the Holy Spirit. Take the meat and get rid of the bone. 

I was inspired to open this blog by the Holy Spirit. I am led to do studies and to share the good news. I am led to testify of my Savior Jesus. I am led to tell the lost to REPENT. Amen!?

I am a sinner who has repented for my sins against my heavenly Father and His children. I am in prayer and the bible daily. I seek guidance and truth from the Holy Spirit always. 

I pray that everyone of you reading this blog is blessed.

In Jesus name with love,

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