Saturday, July 20, 2013

Baby Duckling


  I am led to share this with you. Below is a picture of the duckling with it's adopted mother. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

My husband and I are blessed to live on a lake. The lake is very large and there is a lot of activity. The lake has beautiful islands and foliage. There is also ducks, and loons, swans and geese before the actual Summer begins we have seagulls too. 

On Friday I noticed a baby duck all by itself. I had seen the mother duck with this baby the day before. I knew this to be the baby as there was only one and there had been two when they first ventured out not far from our home. One of the two ducklings had died.  As I followed the duckling in my kayak I realized it kept going to this one area of the shore and would make a calling noise which I believe to be crying. 

I went back to get a net and my husband to help. We weren't sure if taking the duck out of the lake and putting it into a pen with a pool until it got big enough to take care of itself was the best thing to do. 

 So we followed the duckling which was about 3 weeks old for quite sometime. It would cry and then go and hide behind the same brush where I originally found it. As we got closer to the brush my husband noticed a dead female stuck in the brush. We knew then that this baby was crying out to it's mother who was now gone. 

We moved the baby along down the edge of the lake while we thought of what we would do and what was best for the duckling. We came upon two female ducks quite a ways down resting on a dock. The two females saw us and heard the duckling crying out. One of the ducks swam away and the other went near to the baby. 

We weren't sure what was going to happen but we watched from a distance. The baby swam off by itself still crying. The female duck stopped following the duckling and watched like us from a distance. 

We started towards the duckling slowly and it swam back towards the female crying they got very close and looked as though they were communicating with their beaks. 

They swam off and the newly adopted mother swam very close to the baby. They came close to our shore today and then came up into the yard. The "mother" would fight off any other ducks that got too close to her "baby."

I thanked God for showing me this beautiful site. The timing was Gods. Thank you Jesus. 

I thought about this while out on my kayak today. Why did one female stay and take on the responsibilities of the duckling and the other one swam away? How did the duckling know this female duck would take care of it? Then it came to me. Matthew 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. God knows when a sparrow falls from the sky and God knew this ducklings mother had died and it needed another mother. There she was waiting there for it. Amen. God has ALL things in control and HE cares about ALL His creation.  Sometimes we just need to sit back, watch and wait. Amen.

In Jesus name with love,

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