Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Confirmations Thank You Yahuah


     My dear friends I want to share with you two confirmations I received this morning. The first confirmation was to the vision I saw of the three triangles on fire.

 The second was a confirmation of words spoken to me "YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH" The confirmations came from the same woman this morning and we have never shared this. I have emailed this woman once about America.

   Let me show you what she wrote to a brother in Christ long before I knew her and his response. 

The first confirmation:

Hi Cassie,

Thanks for sharing your revelations. Amazing how the Lord works through His servants. Other than the "seal," you mentioned your vision in the Fall, of interlocking triangles. I believe what I saw on May 29 early morning is the interlocking triangles that you saw. I will quote to you the email I sent to Carlos (

"I believe that the Lord is showing us things to come piece by piece. Last night again while I was praying, I saw a news item from Debkafile and the words I saw were "Iran's Nuclear Facilities." Then shortly after I drifted to sleep I was awakened with this thought:

            America                     Iran

Yes, the words were in triangular form. That really startled me. What do you think does that mean?"

And here is his answer to me:

"That is really interesting.  All I can imagine is that it means America and Iran will be judged early on, and we all know that Israel is the "peak" of the mountain.  Two countries which must fall for the Messiah's return are America and then Iran.  These are the critical ones, among others such as Russia.  But I believe that the Lord was showing you some kind of sequence and letting you know that this is coming soon."

This is the second confirmation:Last night before I heard the message that I shared a while ago, I was praying, feeling sad that Israel's isolation is coming to pass quickly when the Lord impressed to me or rather comforted me that these are signs that Israel's redemption and our redemption is truly at hand. Praise God. 

Please bring this to Father in prayer. HE is preparing us my friends. Please LISTEN to HIM.
In Yahushua with love,

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