Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Glimpse Of Hell And Meeting satan


My dear friends I would like to share with you a sobering incident that happened to me two days ago, followed by words from the enemy yesterday. I saw the powers and principalities spoken of in scripture invading two young men.

The story is rather long so please bare with me. I have two beautiful miniature horses. I knew nothing about horses until I started reading up on them and learning from hands on experience. I bought these two minis last November. I have come to realize that just feeding them and brushing them and loving them is not all THEY want or deserve. 

I have seen it in their eyes they just want to please and run ... They deserve to run. I prayed about moving them to a better place where they could go out to pasture together and run and be with other horses. It was hard to feel this way as I love them and my grandchildren have grown fond of them.

The decision was made and my husband and I thought we had found the right place. We had the young man come meet the minis and we watched him interact with the horses. I knew this young man to be a trainer of dogs and horses and felt the minis would not only be going to a farm but they would be trained. It seemed like the perfect situation. 

Then.... The evening came and the young man came to take the minis with a friend of his to his "farm" I should have done a more extensive background check but felt he knew the woman I had bought the minis from and he told me he was helping her train her horses. This was confirmed on a video I saw. 

The minis were now gone and I put a call into this young man and he was not returning my calls. I had a feeling in my spirit something was not right. I phoned the woman I bought minis from and asked her to call him as he was not returning my calls and to go see if the minis were safe. 

She and her husband went to this young mans house and the conditions were deplorable. There was no farm. There was a backyard with brush and a make shift fence. There were chickens and goats and a large horse that was hurt. This horse was brought there under false pretenses as the young man lied to the owner. They called my husband and I to come to his home.

Inside the home were German shepherds 53 to be exact. These dogs are fed a raw diet. Hence the chickens and goats and rabbits that were in the yard. 

The situation escalates. The young man was not going to give back the minis or the horse or a dog he had taken. He did not buy these minis from me as I was not looking for any money. My husband and I only wanted the minis in a loving home with room to run.

The situation turns worse...... The young man was becoming angry and he and his friend were becoming agitated. They would not listen to us.... the condition of the animals were poor and their yard was not safe. It was dirty and chaotic.The animals all chasing one another.

My dear friends I have pictures but will refrain from showing as it is very upsetting. This is where I meet satan. I was in the yard speaking with the two young men when everything turned quite quickly. As I approached the young men they became very stiff if you will and I sensed evil all over. Then without warning I said... Are you gay? The first answered, "yes" Then I turned to the second and asked the same question. He answered, "yes" They knew I was saved and a follower of Yahushua. We had spoken about this when first meeting with them. 

I told them the bible speaks of being gay as an abomination to God. Their reply, "God is gay" To my reply, do no blasphemy my God with your lies. Then satan appeared and one of the young men came very close to me in a threatning way and said, "I crawled out from the pit of hell on my stomach, there is no God in this yard" I rebuked him and told the two young men they needed to repent or thy would suffer eternity in hell. They said, "we are already in hell"

I spoke to the young man after the incident and witnessed to him about his soul and his friends soul and how satan was lying to them and all of us and is trying to keep us in bondage and fear.I told him about repentance and the love of God. I hugged him and told him I would pray for them.

Folks, this yard and scene that day was to me a glimpse of hell. On a very small scale but still large enough to see it first hand. The police came the animals were all taken out of the home dogs, puppies alive and dead,cats bones, a boa constrictor, rabbits, goats, chickens, and wild turkeys. The horse and mini were released back to us. The animals are in shelters. Thank you Father. 

Well ,there you have it. This is what we are facing and will be facing more and more.  I received multiple messages on my phone yesterday. I will share with you one of them :

"This is the homosexual kid I am deeply worried for your soul. But don't worry my creator lucifer came to me and said, "he has great plans for you it's all in due time" 

Please pray!! 
In HIM with love,

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