Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Strong Message From Yah/God


Please read Hosea 9. I was in prayer yesterday morning. I asked Father where HE would like me to go in HIS word. I closed my eyes and saw" Hosea 9" and heard the still small voice. I then opened up the bible to the exact chapter. This is NOT a coincidence. America is losing it's independence because of SIN. 

Please folks.... we must get right with Yahuah. We must REPENT!! This nation is sinking and the devil is having his way. We must put on the armor of Yah/God. 

My friends... time is clearly closing in on us. I am listening to many talk of the election and what matters more the economy or military or the middle east. Well, it matters, all of it. However, what about abortion?? What about gay marriage? These matter as well and if they don't to you then you're not seeing things the way our creator does.

 The closing statements by both candidate's last night spoke volumes to me. Neither candidate said God Bless America. Why is this folks?? 

You see Yah/God is NO longer in this nation and for that we are judging ourselves and will be judged and may I add justly. Yah/God have mercy on the United States. 

Please read the chapter.... 
In HIS redeeming blood,

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