Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Sister Passed And What I Was Shown You Must Read

Peace to all...

I want to share with you all the love Father God has for each and everyone of HIS children.

In April 2011 my sister Doreen was diagnosed with Extensive SCLC (small cell lung cancer). Her courage approaching this battle I cannot express to you in mere words. So I will share with you her final days.

First, I was blessed and honored to have been asked by my sister to be her caretaker in her final days. I knew this was surely a task Father wanted me to take. 

I felt HIS presence surrounding me everyday. HE surely with HIS grace and mercy guided me each and every moment. I never lost HIS presence. 

As my sister was nearing death on Sunday I was moved in the Spirit to phone my sister (Mary)who is a Sister also in Christ. We both started to pray as never before. I was singing in tongues with a voice not even my own. My sister could feel Yahushua/Jesus so near. HE was everywhere. Amen.

This lasted for over a span of a couple hours. Intense is not even close to what was happening in the room. I was looking out at the sun over the lake it was about 6:30 am the sun was rising. I was led to be still and silent and to close my eyes.

I closed my eyes and this vision appeared and it would play like I was reading a book. Each scene was different. Only by HIS grace and mercy was I able to see this. Let me share this with you now.

The first scene was a BIG flame and the inside was yellow/white VERY bright the outside was a flame very red. The flame turned into the throne of God. HE was sitting on the throne and the Spiritual out line is all I could see. The next vision followed in sequence, it was Yahushua/Jesus. HE was standing in a garden next to a VERY big tree. I saw this to be the tree of life. The vision changed again with each lasting for sometime. The vision was a silhouette of a person bowing and kneeling before the throne of God outside of the gate. I saw this person to be my sister. The last of the visions was clouds everywhere and right in the center was an open circle with blue sky like a portal if you will. 

My friends, this was not the last of it. My sister passed at 12:30 am Monday morning. They came and pronounced her gone and picked up her body. I went to bed and prayed thanking God for the day and HIS many blessings. Then what happened next was truly a gift.

My sister spoke to me and God allowed my Spirit to hear. These were the words spoken" Cassie, it is Doreen. I want to thank you for caring for me. I want you to thank Mary. You were right heaven is beautiful and Jesus is too. I know Michael and the kids will be fine. I am at peace." That was the end......

Folks, God loves us and IF we would only give HIM a chance HE is faithful and true. WE need HIM and WE need to trust in HIM. I never could have done any of what I did without HIM. I did not eat for 2 days and I was up for 4 days. Folks, this is not possible without HIM. All glory to God. Amen

In HIM with love,

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear of your sisters passing and thank you for sharing your experience with Doreen.
God Bless*